Moving Ads

Moving Ads
Eco-Friendly Walking Billboards

Walking Billboards walk through target areas, wearing your message to communicate directly to customers providing great brand exposure directly. They are innovative, dynamic, effective, environmentally friendly and definitely memorable. Walking Billboards offer a unique and exciting entrance into the world of instant communication. Walking Billboard (also known as a Human Billboard and Ad Walker) is a super-noticeable, eco-friendly, form of outdoor street advertising and marketing. Walking Billboards are often deployed in convoy mode to create an even larger, more noticeable street-level billboard presence. Walking Billboard is a street-level, eco-friendly, outdoor advertising billboard medium. Walking Billboard is particularly effective for creating a targeted brand presence around transit stations, convention trade shows, retailers, sports arenas and events. The human billboard has proven to be a successful part of a marketing campaign.

Moving Ads
Eco-Friendly Auto Ads

Increase your brand visibility by regularly utilized mode of transport Auto advertising is gaining its prominence because of its ability to be more localized and reach every corner of the city. Unlike other forms of advertising, Auto advertising is affordable & most easily executed outdoor advertising medium.

Some Statistics:

  • Auto's fly on an average 10hrs a day.
  • Auto travels at least 100 kms per day.
  • Cost per unique impression is less than any other media.
  • Available in all prominent cities like: Bangalore,Hyderabad,Chennai,Andra Pradesh
Moving Ads
Eco-Friendly Tricycle & Cycle ads

Cycle Advertising is an innovative and upcoming business with real potential for growth over the next few years, as companies seek more environmentally friendly ways of marketing. Cycle Ads delivers a unique, professional and sustainable humanized advertising medium that captures everyone's attention.

CYCLE Ads is a bicycle billboard advertising work with you to make the most of your advertising. We can target your customers by time and place, day or night.

Our vision is to have a Cycle Advertising base in every corner of AP Market, as we believe your business has a very exciting future.

We offer flexible terms whether it's a quick 1 hour blast for a promotion or sale or a full advertising campaign -- we can help.

Our friendly and professional riders can even hand out flyers and promotional material along the way.

We are always pleased to hear from people interested in taking on one of our exciting Cycle Advertising.

Eco-Friendly mobile- bike-billboard advertising

Biking Billboard is a cost-effective, eco-friendly, and memorable mobile advertising billboard that delivers brand messaging to various outdoor. An advertising bike billboard is a type of mobile advertising in which a bike tows a billboard with an advertising message. Billboard bikes, like some other forms of mobile advertising, offer a cost efficient, targeted, and environmentally friendly form of advertising.

Face-to-face and personal interaction is a foundation pillar for the business and is the basis of its future success. Biking Billboards is positioned as a relationship-based engagement marketing company. In the process of connecting with consumers on behalf the current campaign, the Bike riders themselves are Biking Billboards' ultimate outgoing market tool. They will work to create strong bonds with like-minded organizations. It Seattle's high environmental awareness and bike friendliness in order to make good use of inbound traffic to drive continued growth. We at Sree Krushi Ads will make sure that through our creative bike-billboard advertising, your company can create a long lasting impression in all the customers hearts.

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